Past Exhibitions

Anthony Quinn: A Lifetime of Creating and Collecting Art

August 24, 2007– October 21, 2007

Museum of the Southwest
Midland, Texas
Chihuahua, Chihuahua, Mexico


Fine art gave Anthony Quinn an identity outside the world of acting—it was unscripted and his own. Always searching and exploring, Anthony Quinn worked on perfecting his artistic style throughout the world wherever filming. He championed many of the concepts central to modernist sculpture, including “truth to material,” direct carving, and inspiration from so-called primitive art.

Anthony Quinn collected art with similar drive. His unending quest for knowledge opened doors to the studios of top twentieth century artists and progressive
galleries, often in places overlooked by the mainstream. His collection became a meshing of cultures, periods, and movements which in turn influenced his own style
of painting, drawing, and sculpting. This is most apparent in his collection of African and religious art as well as artifacts from antiquity. “Found Art” as Anthony Quinn called it was another inspiration—he found art in everything from tree branches and shells to architectural fragments.

Beginning in the early 1980s Anthony Quinn’s art began to be exhibited on an international level, however his extensive personal collection remained private.

The exhibition is the realization of a goal begun five years ago by Anthony Quinn
Trust under the direction of Mrs. Katherine Quinn. Countless hours were spent tracking down artists represented in the collection. Documentation and research
was completed throughout the world from England to Latin America and Basil, Switzerland to Plettenberg Bay, South Africa. Dozens of curators, galleries, and
artist foundations generously lent time and expertise to the undertaking. Research
of Anthony Quinn’s artistic drive and technique was accomplished through first
person account interviews.

On exhibition is a cross-section of over 3,000 items from within the private collection interpreted in four unique sections: Early Modernism & African Art, Global Spiritual Awareness of Past & Present, Postwar & Contemporary Art, and Quinn’s Proud Ancestry & Artistic Discovery.  The exhibition represents a lifetime of creating and collecting art and documents the philosophy of larger than life artist and actor
Anthony Quinn.

Benjamin Bergenholtz

Curator of Exhibition & Anthony Quinn Trust