As an artist, Quinn was versatile, deft, and prolific-tirelessly sketching, painting, and sculpting to give form to an insistent inner vision. The self-portrait, a numbered and authenticated print pulled from a relief carved by Quinn, captures the essence of this vision.

In an essay from the book, Donald Kuspit notes that Quinn's artistic drive is preserved not only in his own works, but in his vast collection of art, artifacts, and objects. "He was clearly a connoisseur," writes Kuspit. The acting talent that earned Quinn a place in the "cultural firmament" is celebrated by Tom Roberts. Anecdotes by Katherine Quinn and a contribution by longtime friend Kirk Douglas add a personal dimension.

The Self-portrait, a previously unpublished relief print (11-5/8 x 8-1/4" image on 11 x 14" sheet) is matted, numbered, and authenticated.