me and my two children — Antonia and Ryan — a tour of his studio. I was impressed by his talent and creativity as he was by Tony's. I asked him if he would consider designing a book with me, based on his concept."

Malcolm Grear Designers has designed many books and catalogues, with each one having a special challenge. Anthony Quinn's Eye was a truly unique experience. The process was very different from other books that they have designed.

For most books the text is written before the book is designed. MGD decided to design the book first before they searched out writers and a publisher. "We wanted our writers to become as excited as we were about Quinn’s visual world and his endless energy. Not many people realize what a prolific artist Anthony Quinn was, and I am sure many thought he was a Sunday afternoon painter" says Malcolm Grear.

Both Katherine Quinn and Malcolm Grear felt the book should be a visual experience, lots of images with not too much text. A full-size accordian-fold mockup was made to demonstrate the book's design.

When the design was shown to Donald Kuspit, a serious NY art critic, he was excited about writing an essay. So was Jay Parini, a poet, writer, and friend of Anthony Quinn, who was once head of the National Poetry Association and teaches at Middlebury College. Tom Roberts, who teaches cultural history at Rhode Island School of Design, wrote an essay about Quinn’s acting. Kirk Douglas also wrote a tribute, and Katherine Quinn gave the book more life by including her personal reflections.