Anthony Quinn at eighteen months, 1916


“Someone once said if I was left on an island, I’d reconstruct the rocks.  I have a need to say I was here.”

And such did Anthony Quinn spend his life – leaving his mark on the world.  His creative mind and spirit continue to move us and enrich our lives through his art and acting.

He was born under the gunfire of the revolution in Chihuahua, Mexico in 1915 to a half-Irish father, Frank Quinn and a Mexican-Indian mother, Manuela Oaxaca, who both marched under the banner of Pancho Villa.  Manuela and Frank were separated when she became pregnant with Anthony and was forced to leave the battlefield.  When Quinn was only eight months old, his mother hid him in a coal wagon and escaped to El Paso, Texas. They would not find Frank Quinn again until Anthony was almost three years old. A second child was born less than a