At Frank Lloyd Wright's recommendation to improve his speech, Anthony had an operation on his frenulum, and afterwards, for speech thereapy, he started acting classes. He worked as a janitor to pay for the lessons, and on his way home, he would stop by an antique shop to admire this horse. Week after week, he'd stop to contemplate it, until the owner came out and negotiated a deal. Tony could buy the horse, paying ten or twenty cents a week until it was all settled. He kept the T'ang horse his entire life.


and grandmother. He started skipping school and working at odd jobs in order to help support the family. Before the age of 18, he had worked as a migrant farm worker, a newsboy, preacher and taxi driver. He also made five and ten dollars a fight as a welterweight boxer.

Anthony entered another contest during his junior year in high school, with an architectural plan for a marketplace and again he was named a winner — the prize was to study and work with the famous architect, Frank Lloyd Wright — an encounter which was to change Anthony’s life forever.

Wright taught him that the average man does not know how to live, and that it is the job of the architect to build, not to the physical size of the man, but to the size of man’s spirit.