Giulietta Masina and Anthony Quinn rehearse on location during the filming of La Strada, c.1954.

Finally, someone had put into words the hunger that Anthony had felt all his life —
to live and create to the size of the spirit of man — he made this the motto by which he would live.


Wright also taught Quinn that a good architect must be able to convince people of how they ought to live, and sent him to the Katherine Hamil acting school to improve his speech.  He worked as a janitor to pay for his lessons and when one young actor fell ill, the teacher asked Anthony to take his part in the school play. He received wonderful reviews and thus began his career as an actor.  When he began to get small parts in plays and in films and earn as much as seventy five dollars a day, he asked Wright whether he should continue to act or to pursue his career as an architect – Wright told him that there was always time to become an architect later.

After more than sixty years of performing — on stage, for television and films — a career that included the creation of truly classic characters in La Strada, Viva Zapata, Lust for Life, Requiem for a Heavyweight and Zorba the Greek — and as recipient of two Academy