The Original Sin: A Self-Portrait

Anthony Quinn's first autobiography.
First published in October 1972 by Little,
Brown & Company, Boston and Toronto.
ISBN: 0-316-72898-5

The Original Sin is a sweeping and very personal account of his life. His story is of a man who has difficulty accepting unconditional love (this is the original sin) and the death of his son at an early age.

He explores his past and reveals his darkest feelings with his psychiatrist and the reasons why he was finally able to accept love and the death of his son Christopher at the age of four.

Quinn describes his upbringing, the poverty and his affections for his mother and father which helped define the character he became. His anecdotes of working in Hollywood are also entertaining and reveals a human side of Hollywood. He reveals how he met some of his famous friends which include Mae West , Katherine Hepburn , Rita Hayworth , Carole Lombard, Frank Lloyd Wright , John Barrymore , Gary Cooper , Cecil B. de Mille .